Edinburgh Towards Evening

Canongate Kirk & Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh
Topping and Company Booksellers, Blenheim Place
Topping and Company Booksellers, Blenheim Place
Leopold Place, Edinburgh
Edinburgh’s giraffes: nicknamed Martha and Gilbert, were made from scrap metal including parts from cars and motorbikes
The inscription surrounding the sculpture is from a poem by Roy Campbell, written in 1946, and reads

Giraffes! a People
Who live between earth and skies
Each in his own religious steeple
Keeping a lighthouse with his eyes

from edinburgh.org
Martha and Gilbert
Calton Hill
Evening settles on Edinburgh
The Royal Mile Gallery
Flodden Wall – the World’s End
Part of what remains of the Flodden Wall – bottom of St Mary’s Street / Pleasance, Edinburgh

From an extinct volcano, to the panoramic view of the city and her coastline from Salisbury Crags; to a bookshop that took care not to ‘strip’ the original house that is now its home, and instead built bookshelves around what had long been intended; to extraordinary skies, and sculpture with a back-story; to one of the world’s finest universities; to a modern parliament building whose walls are engraved with poetry; to some of the most elegant residential architecture you’ll see anywhere in the world – that is also home to the echoes of housemaids and butlers, lairds and ladies, surgeons, architects, engineers and plumbers – who loved and sometimes hated this beautifully laid city; gateway to the world for some, too small a world, indeed once the World’s End, for others. Today, Edinburgh has something for everyone, and everyone has something for Edinburgh – for this is a city long engaged in writing the fascinating stories of innumerable people’s lives, now including my own …

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