Edinburgh windows

Next to sunlight-inviting blocks of stone, framed glass is ubiquitous among the architectural features of beautiful Edinburgh. I love it! Windows, like people, are full of stories of past, present and future. And they don’t even have to try to reflect, they just do – everything around them. So here’s a gallery to celebrate windows – our own, (eyes are the windows of our own souls) and Edinburgh’s – in them, out of them; reflections in them, or of them; their size and shape and style and era … which will be added to over time. Most will be allowed to speak for themselves – a bit of additional information provided for a few …

Edinburgh’s giraffes and their reflections. The two giraffes, nicknamed Martha and Gilbert, were made from scrap metal including parts from cars and motorbikes. The inscription surrounding the sculpture is from a poem by Roy Campbell, written in 1946, and reads “Giraffes! a People Who live between earth and skies Each in his own religious steeple Keeping a lighthouse with his eyes.” – from edinburgh.org
Reflections within reflections
Wet paving renders our world upside down
I think this one’s worth a click to enlarge – and a second click to enlarge further if you’ve a big screen. Study the detail closely and stay with each discovery for a while. There’s a story in every square centimetre of this photograph – of a gift of a find in St Stephen’s Street, Stockbridge
What goes on behind the windows, and in front of them? Alexander McCall Smith is here to tell you
Reflections …

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