Illuminating supper

What is it about light that draws me so powerfully? I can’t say just now, at least not in a few words. I only know that it does. All day, every day. And in moonlit night too. In the course of my supper tonight I’ve been awestruck by the movement of the light every fifteen to thirty seconds, here at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. And whilst there are zillions of such views and opportunities all over the earth, I’m grateful every day to be in one place, often enough, for long enough, to feel myself a part of one of this world’s stupefyingly beautiful ‘works’ of art. The movement of the light across The Crags and Arthur’s Seat – from the sun’s rising to its setting – makes me glad to be alive!

4 thoughts on “Illuminating supper

    1. Yes 🙂. And I find it encourages my daily stillness and meditation. Though the scene before me changes relatively quickly, it’s slow enough, even on a (typically Edinburgh) windy day, to slow me right down. And when home base achieves that, one is onto a winner!


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