Contemplating cycles


It is said that a person’s being awestruck leads to moments of contemplation – whether expected or intended, or not.

And contemplation quietly leads us to the paths of humility before a greatness that is largely incomprehensible – and staggeringly beautiful – and often appearing to us in ways that seem entirely accidental.

Does an ocean contemplate? Perhaps it should not very much surprise that the Moon that governs the ebb and flow of the tides also touches the ocean-soul of my ‘thought,’ and ‘time,’ and ‘light,’ and ‘dark,’ and ‘my’ ongoing, reaching, being, contemplation 🙂

2 thoughts on “Contemplating cycles

    1. Many thanks dear Lori. Hope you’re having a good day. Late afternoon here and I’m looking back on having achieved a lot in the course of a lovely sunshiny (but still a bit chilly) day. Tomorrow, excitingly, I’m off to an Exhibition of Watercolour Paintings by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at The Queen’s Gallery 😊


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