Contemplating cycles

It is said that a person’s being awestruck leads to moments of contemplation – whether expected or intended, or not.

And contemplation quietly leads us to the paths of humility before a greatness that is largely incomprehensible – and staggeringly beautiful – and often appearing to us in ways that seem entirely accidental.

By way of just such an ‘accident’ the beautifully made film hereunder has hushed, humbled and touched my day …

Does an ocean contemplate? Perhaps it should not very much surprise that the Moon that governs the ebb and flow of the tides I love to watch also touches the ocean-soul of my ‘thought,’ and ‘time,’ and ‘light,’ and ‘dark,’ and ‘my’ ongoing, reaching, being, contemplation 🙂

2 thoughts on “Contemplating cycles

    1. Many thanks dear Lori. Hope you’re having a good day. Late afternoon here and I’m looking back on having achieved a lot in the course of a lovely sunshiny (but still a bit chilly) day. Tomorrow, excitingly, I’m off to an Exhibition of Watercolour Paintings by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at The Queen’s Gallery 😊


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