To be

Portobello morning, Edinburgh

Q: What is a lover of minimalist architecture like me really drawn to?

A: Space and light and shadow. Space to be, and light and dark’s revealing. Place and space in which to breathe – life’s invitation to become the architect of our own life-giving, life-directing inner space.

Q: What is a beach lover like me really drawn to?

A: All of the above – with the addition of invitation to return again and again to ponder on ever-changing reflections, and be blown and filled and washed with gratitude – for the governing tides of time that are the ‘housekeepers’ of our sands …

These swimmers will have clearer heads and hearts and minds by the time they’re back on land. And I walk home slowly, clearer too, the same but different. I know I’ll soon return to this ‘space to be’ which is, moment by moment, the same but – yes! – different …

4 thoughts on “To be

    1. Thanks Lori. The little firetruck touched me. I hope it finds its way back to its owner – maybe some kind soul placed it on the wall hoping so too. Some years ago, when one of our grandchildren was very small, we used to carry a small Thomas the Tank Engine with us wherever we travelled – and would send back photos of the little engine’s travels with us (or ours with him!) xx

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