I knew there was a reason

Photo by Amina Filkins at Pexels

When I fell asleep, in the early hours of the morning, I knew there was a reason I had failed to make a Sunday post. Turns out it’s because I needed to backdate it, today, Monday, to share a link to one of my alltime favourite friends, writer, philosopher, and family woman, dear, dear Mimi – whose words, whensoever and howsoever published, are to me as the scent of (Bette Midler / Amanda McBroom’s) ‘The Rose’ or Elkie Brooks’ ‘Lilac Wine … sweet and a-heady …’

Thank you, Mimi, (and here’s the link), Waiting for the Karma Truck, for all that you and yours are to us; for all that you and yours have been, are, and will be, to me. You are a one-woman epiphany … and if our conversation in the world was more closely akin to yours, more often, the lives of every single one of us would be changed immeasurably for the better.

My dad would have been 98 a few days ago. I whispered happy birthday wishes to him …

… and all of us can hear his whispering back, your mother’s too, ‘soulfully’ – for there is, in the human soul, always and forever, always more xxx

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