Beyond masks …


I came across some sage counsel in the University of Instagram a day or two ago …

EGO? Do yourself a favour – you want to enjoy your life? Drop the E and just GO

Yesterday I wrote of the inspirational collection How To Love The World’ – the place and space in which I encountered Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. You can meet her there too – along with an entire firmament of other bright shining lights, all engaged, as we are, in learning how to ‘drop the E and just GO.’

You can also meet Rosemerry at TEDx – and find yourself delighting in a post-locked-down world beyond masks, frames and walls. And maybe for a while you’ll become a pen, a butterfly, an arrow, or simply walk a path, enjoying your perfectly imperfect lawn. It’s really up to you (and all of us). Really.

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