Photo Osman Rana at Unsplash

The messages I’m receiving today are ‘calm’ and ‘reflection.’ I’m interested by the instincts I have to run around ‘as normal,’ alongside the chief effect of Covid-19 which, having drained me of energy, insists on ‘rest.’

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the harbours I’ve known in my life – the quiet backwaters where little vessels take time out from riding oceans and are protected and sometimes maintained, re-painted, sea-proofed, even loved there. And – gratefully – I ask myself ‘where would I be without them?’

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5 thoughts on “Calm

  1. Talking of boats I remember climbing the rigging of a tall ship with you below praying that I don’t fall down. I was always very calm but not the spectators I think. Do hope that the Covid passes without incident. Been there done that and we’re still here

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