¿Tú tienes preguntas?


I’m told that our human eyes see ‘only’ a limited spectrum of colour. I can’t count the ever-changing colours and shades present to me in one small rural garden though.

I sometimes think I’ll spend the rest of my days pondering the miracle of what it is to be a human person, to be sentient. So many extraordinary ‘happenings’ need to take place within the confines of my brain to bring about every experience I have.

So, too, for the golden labrador next door. What moves her to bark? And how does an apple tree know how to consistently make apples every year? Or Michaelmas daisies know it’s Michaelmas?

Ah, colours. And questions. My Spanish teacher asks, ‘¿tú tienes preguntas?

Sí, yo tengo muchas preguntas,’ I reply, ‘siempre preguntas!


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6 thoughts on “¿Tú tienes preguntas?

  1. Ahhh Simon, what an embarrassment of riches! I must confess, I miss the glory of the New England falls more than anything since moving to Florida. The fiery red, soft oranges, glowing yellows…all dazzling in the warm light of an autumn afternoon. And you have encapsulated it all in this handful of photos. Throw in a pumpkin or some winter squash and the picture is complete in my mind. 💕🍁 xx

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    1. Yes, it’s a wonderful time of the year, Lori. And I enjoy the slight morning nip in the air, and dewdrops in the lawn, and the way appreciation of nature continues to further abiding connections between we humans – even those separated by oceans! xx

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