In an instant

In an instant I was no more than a couple of feet from another’s brush with death this afternoon. A passenger in a stationery car, in a traffic-jammed city, I was stunned by the speed with which another car came roaring out of the blue, wrenching a modern-day unicycle-form-of-transport (I don’t know what they’re called) out from under the feet of its rider – who, thankfully, was thrown in one direction whilst the whatever-it’s-called was pulled under the car. Screeching, anger, ashen faces, dozens of startled onlookers. In a tiny fraction of an instant it could have been catastrophically different. Shattered husbands, wives, children, parents, friends, gathered around the catastrophes of mere instants. Blame-apportionment at that stage becomes merely academic.

For pity’s sake, andante, andante, andante. Slow down. Nothing’s ever worth that kind of push and shove and risk and rush. Nothing.

2 thoughts on “In an instant

  1. Oh gosh, Simon, cannot bring myself to hit ‘like’ in this instance, but thank goodness you and all involved escaped harm when it could have gone so very differently…. A warm hug to you…


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