Pass me a palm

Way to go! Pass me one of those palms. We’ve all been waiting for this fellow.

At last! Someone who’s going to make us great again. Transport’s a bit odd. Never mind, for now. We’ll make him a superstar if he sorts us. Hell to pay, though, if he doesn’t. We’ve neither the time nor the stomach to talk it all through with folks. So give him your vote. Just let him make us great again. Hey! You! What’s up with you? Here he is! Wave that flag!

Ah, friend, replied the contemplative: a week’s a long time in politics …

2 thoughts on “Pass me a palm

    1. Well wondered … only for those who’ve learned that change comes from the inside out, I think. Our greatest teachers have suggested “enter into your chamber and be still” … flag waving crowds – wherever and whenever they are – always bother me! x


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