Salty perception

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I’m still setting out to lose myself this week in the perichoresis, the great dance of life, between Brianna Wiest and her marvellous ‘Salt Water’, myself, and the Great Oneness in whom we all exist.

I’m still aware every day of the passing of the beloved poet Mary Oliver in January 2019. I’ve written before that I never met her in person, yet grieve her loss to me and to the world as though we’d taken morning walks in the woods together for years. Mary’s succinct and vibrant poetry has long encapsulated for me so much of the deep and emotional ‘knowing’ that some of us mere mortals struggle to put into words. Her work lives on in her readers, of course.

I’m still – literally, sitting still, in the literary presence of Brianna Wiest, another such great soul who helps me out with her concise clarity:

A miracle
Is not a rare intervention
It is a restoration of perception

And thus, still smiling, I celebrate restorations and perceptions every day 🙂

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