Happy New Month


Wow, it has been a corker of a day to return to a bright and sunny Edinburgh – where the wide-skied views from my new base here are an absolute delight. I’m just back from my dance class and believe that not one muscle in my body has remained unstretched – so I’ll be out like a light within the next ten minutes! Have a good night …


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9 thoughts on “Happy New Month

    1. Agreed, Lori, but I absolutely had to have a taxi for the last mile home and slept like a newborn!

      I haven’t been using my Fitbit since Apple Watch came into my life a few years ago … are you still walking / running? 🏃‍♀️

      Edinburgh’s the kind of city where one mostly walks everywhere so it does me good! 💞😊xx


      1. Laughing…sometimes ya just need to know ‘when to say when.’ 😉

        I haven’t used my Fitbit in quite some time either, but yes, still on the move…walking, cardio workouts, Barre classes, strength training and a dollop of yoga here and there just for good measure. ☺️

        Love the idea of Edinburgh’s walkability. Hope to experience it myself one day! In the meantime, will perambulate virtually with you.❤️ xx

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        1. Lori! – that sounds extremely energetic. I hope that our virtual perambulations convert into actual walks in Edinburgh – but I think I’ll need to get in a bit more training!! – though, as reported earlier, the dancing MUST be doing me some good 😉💕xx

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