What’s up next?


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Bus stops and buses, coffee stands and pastries. Doors and diversity. Graduations, hills and history. Layers, music, poetry and reflections. Steep stairs, scents, sights, sounds and theatre. Ever-changing skies, chimney stacks and windows.

All are portals. Invitations to encounter. Encouragement to walk and to wonder in the immeasurable depths of all that Edinburgh – all that life – has to offer. This is a vivacious city, fully alive. Colourful. And always with an eye out for ‘what’s up next.’


Korean Yeonhee (link) Variety E-Seo is a young company taking the Korean traditional performing arts in a new direction: this concert takes the form of four pieces of yeonhee music and dance, with rhythmic, powerful and ritual interpretations of ancient traditions. Expect shamanistic rituals, beautiful costumes, vibrant and exciting movements, as they perform three movements based on traditional music forms Mungut and Gilnori, and nongak (farmer’s music) with participation from the audience!


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3 thoughts on “What’s up next?

    1. And I with you, dear Mimi. Imagining what another sees through their eyes sharpens and magnifies what one sees and appreciates with one’s own. Thank you, as ever, for our happy transatlantic companionship 🤗🌱🙏 xx

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  1. Gosh Simon, somehow this lively post slipped past me. How wonderful to experience the energy coursing through the streets of Edinburgh through your eyes. So much here to savor. xx


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