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The professional photographer takes assignments from “without” … the creative photographer takes assignments from “within” … the conflict from assignments – from “without” versus those from “within” often perplexes the serious photographer

Ansel Adams: cited by Mark Nepo
Things That Join The Sea And The Sky

I substituted ‘person’ for ‘photographer’ in my mind today as I pondered the various lenses through which we all ‘see’ things. In a world saturated by talk of social media, I wonder whether many of us might create some lovelier life-images (of ourselves, of others, of our environment, our beliefs, thought processes and so on) if we drew rather more upon inspiration from within than from without? Are we able to distinguish between conflicts arising from within and those from without? Do we exercise personal agency over what we consume – about what we’re being fed? Often perplexing indeed – but worth asking ourselves about daily, I think. Perhaps it’s a time of year thing, a ‘first frost’ thing – that brings Galway Kinnell to mind again and again: … for everything flowers from within (please see The Bud Stands For All Things)

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