Natación ( pero no en Río )

We’re off to meet up with cousins for supper tonight – about sixty miles away from home. We’ve set off more than an hour before we’d normally expect to because, hot on the heels of Thursday’s UK heatwave, we think it perfectly possible we may need to swim for at least part of the journey down the motorway. Ah, but it will be a good dinner 😉

2 thoughts on “Natación ( pero no en Río )

  1. Hope you arrived safely and returned the same. We haven’t needed our swimwear yet ,but I’m not sure what will be needed for the 8.00am in the morning . The mind boggles!

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    1. Safe and sound, thanks, dear Eighty eight. I was right about the (gorgeous) dinner. But we didn’t need to swim. More a case of ‘ford [ing] every stream’ really. Swimwear at 8? A whole new take on Easter bonnets eh? Love for both xx


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